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Jordan – 19August2014, (Left to right: Nadine Nadine Katkhuda, Mrs. Suhair Mhairat, CEM, Ms. Mary Worzala , Ms. Ruba A. Al- Zubi, Mrs. Mirna Fakhoury , Mrs. Shada Al Sharief, Ms. Hana Khader, and invited guests)


CWEEL Jordan Liaison Officer Ms. Suhair Mhairat, CEM and Ms. Nadine Katkhuda, Informational & Communication Officer at EDAMA Association, successfully organized the second meeting for CWEEL Jordan with the presence of active women in the energy and environment sectors. CWEEL is a division of the Association of Energy Engineers.


The meeting started with Ms. Mhairat giving a brief about the CWEEL Chapter in Jordan and the certified women with AEE certifications under the Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA. This was compared to the current averages in energy field and the workforce in general as well.

Women were encouraged to participate in the upcoming CEM course.

2jordan3Guest of honor: Mary Worzala, Chief of Party, Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity, gave a fantastic speech expressing her happiness that CWEEL is off the ground in Jordan and that the program is eager to develop a specific action plan to develop the role of women in the sector. It was also mentioned that the Mentor program will start soon and that the CWEEL ladies can actively participate in this and other programs as well.

2jordan4Guest Speaker Ruba Al-Zu’bi, Clean Tech Sector Director, USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program, spoke from the heart and encouraged the active ladies to be role models among the male-driven culture of tradition, and predicted that this sector will be shaped by women in the near future. Job creation through enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector companies is goal of the program. It will adopt a cluster based approach and concentrating on developing strategies for capacity building of women in the energy and environment sector.

It is worth mentioning that Ms. Al-Zubi was the first woman director among twenty directors at the ministry of environment.

2jordan5Ms. Hana’ Khader, Business Development, Izzat Marji Group gave a speech about following her passion to the environment that led her to participate in a leadership program in the environment that took place in Hawaii and three other states, and ended by delivering the project outcomes at the department of state in Washington DC. The presentation highlighted the similarities between the energy statuses of Jordan and Hawaii.

Active participation from the audience took place after the presentations, and it was very clear that networking in the energy and environment sectors will develop the capabilities of women and make them more competitive. Women with AEE certifications clearly stated that AEE certification gave them the edge to excel in the sector.


The event was sponsored by providing the venue at the Bank al Etihad auditorium, Shmeisani, Jordan
Written by: Samer Zawaydeh, Msc, CRM, REP, AEE Life Member, CWEEL Member
Assistant Director of International Membership Development for the Middle East for the Association of Energy Engineers