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CWEEL Jordan Meeting on Solar

CWEEL7thMeetingThe Association of Energy Engineers local Chapter in Jordan organized the Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership 7th meeting in 2017 with a four hour awareness seminar about Jinko Solar PV Modules technical presentation.

The meeting started with a brief introduction from Eng Suhair AlMhairat, CEM®, REP™, CSDP® about the CWEEL Jordan activities and welcomed the two presenters from Jinko Solar. The first part of the presentation was delivered by Eng Ali Hamam about the company production and sales facilities around the world and its accomplishment in 2016 by producing more than 6.7GW bringing the total dispatched quantity to 20GW. And the 2nd part was delivered by the Technical Service Manager – Kevin Robinson. Jinko Solar already dispatched 94MW to the MENA region and out of this quantity was 74MW to Jordan. This quantity covered around 50 projects, with the largest project 23MW. Among these projects were 7 universities, mosques, and other type of buildings.

The presentation discussed the types of PV modules, testing and certification and the upcoming new technologies like the MCT Technology for the Polycrystalline cells that will be available by end of 2017, half-cell, bifacial cells, Multiwire technology, High Efficiency Shingle Technology, the glass to glass modules which are used on large utility scale because of it 30 year warranty and low degradation of 0.5% annually, and the losses that are used in PV syst modeling

The Double IEC testing is a new feature for Jinko Solar, since they are conducting double testing that are required for UV, HF (Humidity and Freezing), DH (Damp and Heat), TC ( Temperature Cycles)

The 1500V PV Modules were presented which reduce the number of strings, cables, and combiner boxes. Kevin mentioned that the production lines are increasing in power on yearly basis by 5Watt. He also mentioned that within few weeks, Jinko customers can scan the bar code on the module and do complete tracing on the PV module, checking their flash testing and EL records.