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CWEEL East Africa Chapter Visits Kengen Olkaria 280MW Geothermal Plant

EAKengenTripThe CWEEL-EA team organized a technical site visit to the Kengen Olkaria 280MW geothermal power plant on June 24, 2017. This plant is the single largest geothermal plant in the world from a single site. The trip attracted 40 participants, both women and men, drawn from different professions which included students, environmentalists, electrical and electronics engineers, IT experts, lawyers and advocates all with a passion for renewable energy and environment. The participants were taken through the history of geothermal power in Kenya, its production and evacuation from the site. The visit was quite informative and well received, it generated a lot of conversation on utility scale quite informative and well received, it generated a lot of conversation on utility scale power production and sources and their effects on grid stability and environmental sustainability.

The Council of Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) is a division of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). It supports the role of women in the energy and environmental industries by; assisting in the career development activities for existing professionals, enabling young women aspiring to leadership roles to find mentors that will support their own development and enabling networking among professionals in the energy and environmental industries. The CWEEL-Eastern Africa falls under the Association of Energy Professional in Eastern Africa (AEPEA) which is a professional body for all professionals working in the energy sector. It is registered in Kenya and accredited as chapter of the AEE since 2014. It is the second local chapter of the AEE in Africa after the South African chapter.

One of AEPEA’s objectives in Kenya is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation and management in accordance to the existing standards, policy, legal and regulatory framework and uphold the highest standards of professionalism in the Energy sector. The Kenya Energy Mix to the national grid by energy source stands at 47% geothermal, 39% hydro, 13% thermal and 1% wind1. Geothermal supplies in Kenya are located within the Rift Valley with an estimated capacity of between 7,000 MW to 10,000 MW spread over 14 prospective sites. It has the highest availability at over 95 per cent with no adverse effects on the environment. Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited, (KenGen) is the leading electric power generation company in Kenya, producing about 75 percent of electricity capacity installed in the country. The company utilizes various sources to generate electricity ranging from hydro, geothermal, thermal and wind.

For more information contact the CWEEL-EA Liaison Caroline Makenzi on +254720399764 or on email