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CWEEL Chapter Liaison’s Growing!

As a reminder, one of AEE’s 2018 objectives is to have a CWEEL Chapter Liaison for every local AEE Chapter.  Chapter Liaisons are leaders in their AEE chapters who encourage, strengthen, and inspire other women to network and grow professionally.  We are actively recruiting additional Chapter Liaisons to strengthen our CWEEL Chapter Liaison Committee.

The Chapter Liaison Committee coordinates between local AEE chapters and CWEEL on a number of topics, including scholarships, mentoring, fundraising, and membership. This Committee provides chapter support and promotes CWEEL programs and goals including the development of a more prominent voice for women in the industry. Chapter Liaisons bring visibility to AEE and CWEEL during industry events and improve leadership opportunities for women.

The Chapter Liaison role would include a 30 minute monthly conference call with the Liaison Committee to leverage best practices and events between CWEEL and the local AEE chapters.  Some examples would include:  CWEEL held its first regional networking event at NJ Natural Gas with over 50+ attendees and we are planning a NYC event late summer.  The NYC Chapter Liaison, Israa Ajam, is currently working with us to drive visibility for the event.  Thanks Israa!

We wanted to thank & recognize the following for CWEEL Chapter Liaisons for their support and dedication:  Lisa Kosanovic (Connecticut), Israa Ajam (NYC), Nagea Littleton (Central Alabama), Emily Beck (Colorado), Kat Stahl (Raleigh(NC)), Jeneen Horton (Huntsville (AL)), Nandini Mouli (Baltimore), Nicole Davis (Arkansas), Leslie Kramer (Bay Area), Maryanne McGowan (SW Ohio), Shelley Sullivan (SE Michigan),  Heather Wheeler (Danville (VA)), Elin Shepard (Columbia River (OR)), Kelsey Chegus (Alberta, Canada) and Monica Bersani & Maryanne Campbell (Greater Philadelphia), Janine Finnell ( National Capital), Rebecca Karason & Angela Rybalt (Ohio Capital City), Carla Dozal (New Mexico), Diana Fuller (Peoria, IL) and Diana Medina-Lopez (San Joaquin Valley,CA).

We are still currently recruiting for CWEEL Chapter Liaisons from following USA Regions and Canada:

Region 1: New England, Maine, NJ, Long Island, Western NY, Central Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley & Western Pennsylvania

Region 2: Sunshine, Atlanta, Piedmont, East Tennessee, Mid-South, Middle Tennessee & Southeastern Virginia

Region 3: Iowa, Central Illinois, Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, West Michigan, Twin Cities, Voyager, Northern Ohio, West Central Ohio, Wisconsin

Region 4: Rocky Mountain, Kansas City, St. Louis, Austin/San Antonio, North Texas, Texas Lone Star

Region 5: Arizona, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Southern California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Pacific Northwest

Canada: Canada East, Hamilton, Southern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario


If you are interested in becoming a CWEEL Chapter Liaison sign up through the following link:

Again – help strengthen our CWEEL Team by becoming a CWEEL Chapter Liaison!  If you have any questions please contact

Deborah O. Lenny, CWEEL Board Member – Chapter Liaison Committee at