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CWEEL Tunisia chapter Announcement at WENERCON 2019

AEE Tunisia organized the 2nd Annual WENERCON conference in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia in February 2019.

The conference was attended by energy professionals from North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.

The focus of the event was Job Opportunities and Women Empowerment in the Energy Sector. it was definitely a success with women making up over half of the attendees! Lori Moen, current AEE President, and Laurie Wiegand-Jackson, CWEEL Board Co-Chair and founder, were in attendance as keynote speakers for the event which was organized by Ayoub Baba, AEE Tunisia’s President. Also in attendance from AEE were Bill Kent, AEE Executive Director, and Larry Good, Director of AEE International Chapters.

In addition to the excellent panel sessions and speakers, CEM certificates were awarded to recent attendees that passed the CEM exam this year.

The highlight of the event was the announcement of the formation of the CWEEL Tunisia Chapter. The Board of CWEEL Tunisia was introduced and they launched an online mentoring platform to link CWEEL mentors and mentees. The AEE team and CWEEL Board met to discuss plans for a joint government and CWEEL program to support employment of women in the energy sector in Tunisia. The teams also met with local ministers of the Tunisia government to discuss this and other opportunities in the energy sector. Tunisia recently announced plans to have 30% renewable energy by 2030 – which will stimulate job opportunities in the energy sector.

Many thanks to the Tunisia AEE and CWEEL members for their amazing hospitality!