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CWEEL Jordan Held 2 Solar Log Basic Training in December

CWEEL Jordan held 2 trainings in December, each a five-hour training course in “Solar Log”. The training was delivered by Eng Hamzeh Buqaei, CEM®, CEA®, CMVP®.

Around fifty people attended the course from the public and private sector, Taffila University, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Al Balqa’a Applied University, Energy Service Companies, Royal Scientific Society National Energy Research Center, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission. The event was a great networking opportunity for people looking to work in the energy sector.cweeljordan-solar-log

Eng Suhair AlMhairat, CEM®, CSDP®, REP™, gave a presentation about CWEEL activities in Jordan since 2014 and encouraged the attendees to participate and contribute to the chapter as well.

Eng Buqaei gave two detailed technical presentation about the important of using solar monitoring equipment at the operation and maintenance stage. Different models were presented application for different sizes of projects.

At the end of the five hour training, Eng Suhair and Eng Hamzeh distributed attendance certificates to the attendees. About half of the attendees were non-members coming to the CWEEL Jordan events for the first time.


CWEEL Jordan participated in USAID ESCB’s Networking Event for Women in the Energy Sector in the South of Jordan

USAID ESCB organized a networking event in Aqaba for women in the energy sector. The event was attended by around 80 women working and studying in the southern governorates, including students, supervisors and professors from Mu’tah University, Al Taffila Technical University and Al Hussein bin Talal University. Participants attended sessions highlighting women leaders in the sector, as well workshops around labor law and workplace rights.

Eng Suhair AlMhairat, CEM®, REP™, CSDP® presented CWEEL Jordan success story and encouraged the attendees to face all the barriers that exist in the sector and consider them as challenges and opportunities for success and making a difference. Also, she motivated them to focus one devolving their knowledge and skills by training and joining CWEEL Jordan activities. This will enable them to create their own opportunities and goals in the challenging and rapidly developing energy sector in Jordan. She welcomed launching networks at their universities as extensions to CWEEL Jordan.suhair

CWEEL Jordan Making A Positive Change

cweeljordanCWEEL Jordan held its 11th meeting in 2016 at ZINC facilities. The meeting was organized by Eng Suhair Al Mhairat, CEM, REP, CSDP, and Eng Nidal Jabri board member at the Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA. Three young and brilliant women in energy delivered exceptional presentations about their work in the energy sector.

Eng Dina Al Fanek, Awareness and Capacity Building Project Manager at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources delivered a presentation about the activities of the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF). The fund is supporting the rural communities by installing solar PV and Solar Water Heaters on revolving loan basis through programs with donor agencies and the Jordan government. This will create local jobs, reduce the energy consumption, and reduce the carbon foot print.

Eng Ola Al Beirat delivered an excellent presentation about her Solar Initiative to increase the awareness about the ability of producing Electricity from the Sun. Eng Ola is a highly effective and enthusiastic speaker that is well known in the country and has a positive impact on our society.

Eng Azza Al Khalaila, CEM, delivered a presentation about the League of Arab Specialized Women and the Energy Committee that she is heading. She is determined to make the energy awareness among women more accessible and to increase the participation of specialized Arab women engineers in her committee.

Careers, Industry Challenges & Chapter Growth

Article Written by Miriam Aczel, Leaders in Energy

On September 22, 2016, the Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) partnered with Leaders in Energy and the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) to host a reception at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC). The event brought together leaders and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds in the energy and sustainability industry. Funds raised from this event are to be used for scholarships to help women interested in pursuing studies in the energy and environmental fields. I had the pleasure of speaking with three inspiring women, who shared with me their career paths and motivations, the challenges in the environmental and energy sector, and the role of these organizations in professional development. Here is what AEE’s Rajvant Nijjhar had to say.

Rajvant Nijjhar
Director, Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings (IVEES)
London, United Kingdom

Rajvant Nijjhar

Q. How did you get involved with AEE, and what were some of the challenges you faced?

RN. Four years ago, I was vice president [of the United Kingdom Association of Energy Engineers – UKAEE], but the group never gained momentum, and we struggled in setting up meetings. A few years ago, I took over the role of president of the UKAEE branch, and while we’re still ironing out some of the details, we’ve doubled in size and now have 13 committee members and 650 members. When I first started, I was the only female director, but now, 3/5 of our directors are female.

Q. What does membership entail?

RN. We have a very diverse body of members, with all ages and levels of experience. Basically, if you have enthusiasm, then come and join me! It’s very different from the dynamics of previous years, where it was mostly male members, ages 40 +.

Q. What is the main mission of UKAEE, and what are your goals?

RN. Right now, our main focus is getting functionality. My goal is to transition so that if I happen to win the lottery, someone else could take over, and we would still have functionality. We’ve adopted the same mission as AEE and have aligned our interests with AEE, and we hope to gain and retain membership, and to be an active chapter.

The chapter is really only a few years old, and our aim is to have a functioning committee and plan the events we need to have. After obtaining a functioning committee, our next goal is to write a strategy document.

Q. What are some of the events you’ve held, and how did you decide on these events?

RN. Last year, we hosted a few events driven by what is going on in the EU because we felt there are gaps with events held by other ‘peers’, or similar groups. These ‘gap events’, such as the one on heat metering or transport energy audits, for example, were coming out of EU legislation.

The strategy for deciding what events to host involves first conducting member surveys to identify interests and gaps in events hosted by other similar groups, and then decide based on our survey results what events to host. For example, one of our next goals resulting from member surveys is to develop a guide on the ISO 50001, the energy management standards, as we feel those are the most important guidelines to develop.

The most important aspect for attracting members is the events we host. While membership is free, the events are important to sustain the chapter. One of our upcoming events is a tour of a CHP plant.

CWEEL Jordan Summer Meeting Recap

CWEELJordan9thMeeting2The Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) in Jordan held its eighth activity in 2016 as a site visit to Al Quds College in Amman, Jordan. The 1MW Car Park PV on Grid Project cover 100% of the college annual needs of electricity. The project is using a 20.3% high efficiency module which is currently the best in the world.

Eng. Samer Zawaydeh, MSc, PMP, CRM, the financial and technical Manager of the project presented a holistic explanation about it, that included; description of the PV Power Plant, PV Modules, Inverters, Mounting Structure, Cables, Electrical Panels, Data Monitoring, Balance of Plant,- Inverter Rooms, Fence, walkways, Guardroom,  Drainage System, Lighting, CCTV and Domestic Water.

A group of 17 people joined the site visit and had the opportunity to ask in depth technical questions, and received answers that will help them in supporting their education, projects and ongoing management of similar activities.

2016 WEEC CWEEL Breakfast & Reception


Join us on Thursday, September 22nd from 7:30-9:00AM at the 39th World Energy Engineering Congress for a free networking breakfast with Featured Speaker, Christine Harada, White House Federal Chief Sustainability Officer.

Also join us on Thursday, September 22nd from 4:00-6:00PM for a special networking and fundraising event to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, while sharing the week’s experiences at WEEC.  Admission is free to CWEEL members; $30 to all others.

To register, visit



CWEEL Jordan 7th & 8th Meetings Held

The Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) and Jordan Energy Chapter – EDAMA, the Local Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE®) In collaboration with the USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP), held its seventh and eighth meeting in 2016 at JCP offices in Amman, Jordan. These targeted seminars were organized to increase the awareness about Energy Training Programs & Certification Exams as part of support for Clean Tech Training and Certification for Jordanian Women.


Eng. Samer Zawaydeh, MSc, PMP, CRM, President of JEC EDAMA began the event with a presentation about the AEE and its chapter in Jordan and its activities and the advantages of being certified by such an association.

Eng. Suhair Al Mhairat, MSc, CEM®, REP™, CWEEL Jordan Liaison officer, presented the objectives of the AEE training course and the eligibility for CEM and REP. In addition, a brief about the content of the training courses and how to treat with the training materials and their exams and how to maintain the certification was delivered.

Eng Ahmad Rahhal, MBA, CEM®, CEA®, REP™, CMVP® presented a brief about the CMVP and CEA training materials and exams.

Eng Samer Awwad, Msc, CEM®, CEA®, CRM®, REP™, CMVP® presented a brief about the CEM® and CRM® training materials and exams

EDAMA and JCP have collaborated since 2015 to support females in clean tech. JCP supported the participation of up to 10 female engineers in many of the certified courses offered by EDAMA during 2015 and 2016. Around 90 females have benefitted from this opportunity so far.

The two events were attended by 21 women and men who joined the event to learn more about the training course and how to benefit from JCP’s support.

Janine Finnell, Chair, Career Development Committee

JanineFinnellJanine Finnell is the Founder and Clean Energy Ambassador for Leaders in Energy, a clean energy and sustainability educational, professional networking, and advisory services organization based in the Washington DC Metro area.  She has provided strategic planning, programmatic, and management consulting for federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, as well as non-governmental organizations, DOE national laboratories, and the electric utility industry.  Her experience includes working at a state energy office, serving as a Foreign Service Officer, and employment at IBM, DynCorp International, Institute of Energy Analysis, and other management and technology firms.

As the Board Member for the Council for Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) activities at the Association of Energy Engineers National Capital Chapter, she spearheaded two “Energy and Sustainability Extravaganzas” with the CWEEL theme in 2015 (at The George Washington University) and in 2016 (at George Mason University).   As the Chair of the CWEEL Career Development Committee for its National Board, Janine’s responsibilities include guiding the committee to facilitate women’s opportunities by supporting training and education, and contributing to the advancement of women in leadership positions throughout the industry.   This role intersects well with her resolve at Leaders in Energy to enable professionals to be informed of and connect on opportunities for clean energy and sustainability jobs.  Some of her networking and career tips were recently featured in this article, including a term she coins as “up-careering.”

Janine has a Masters from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Agricultural and Applied Economics (with a focus on international development and energy resource economics) and pursued Post Masters work at George Washington University in energy and environmental management and resource policy.  Janine has completed coursework for the Certified Energy Manager, Certified Sustainable Development Professional, and Project Management Professional.

Maryanne McGowan, Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee

Maryanne E. McGowan, CPA, CEM
Duke Energy, Strategy & Implementation Manager

maryannemcgowanMrs. McGowan has over 30 years of experience as an accountant and senior-level manager.  The past 15 years of her experience have been in the energy industry.  She currently is responsible for competitive intelligence and for stimulating business markets in the fields of energy efficiency and energy conservation.  She serves in the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, the Association of Energy Engineers, and the Council of Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership.  Maryanne has recently completed service on the Steering Committee for an ERPI (Electric Power Research Institute) research project of “Electricity Use and Management in the Water Supply and Wastewater Sectors”.  She is presently serving on the advisory board for the WERF (Water Environment Research Foundation) for the project of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Recovery.  She also serves on the Board for Raise the Floor, a program focused on workforce development of women in manufacturing careers.  She has recently been named to the Board of Directors of Gateway Community & Technical College Foundation.  Additionally, she has been active in the promotion of STEM career development and education in K-12 Schools as well as at the collegiate level.  She is a sought after speaker on Energy Efficiency and Energy Management on the national and regional level.  Maryanne is experienced in fiscal management, economic analysis, mergers & acquisitions, process design and improvements, resource planning and sustainable energy strategy.  She holds a BS and BA from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Xavier University.

Welcome New CWEEL Board Members

Please welcome our newest CWEEL Board members:

Janine Finnell, Founder & Clean Energy Ambassador, Leaders in Energy (LE) – Career Development

Maryanne McGowan, Manager, Business Strategy & Implementation, Duke Energy – Marketing & Communications Committee

Tahseena Kahn, President & CEO, Energy Managers – Mentor Program Committee

Nandini Mouli, President, Founder/CEO, e Sai Consulting – Fundraising, Scholarship & Awards Committee