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If you are interested in getting involved in a CWEEL committee, please email


Career Development Committee focuses on providing opportunities for growth for women by supporting training and education, and contributing to the advancement of women in leadership positions throughout the industry. Recent functions include presentations by career development professionals, and networking events to foster interaction.

Chapter Liaison Committee coordinates activities between AEE chapters and CWEEL on a number of topics, including scholarships, mentoring, fundraising, and membership. This Committee works to inform Chapters of the support CWEEL can provide to Chapter members and engage the Chapters in CWEEL activities.

Fundraising, Scholarships & Awards Committee works to raise awareness of the value CWEEL brings to the AEE membership and seeks to engage corporations and other entities in providing support to CWEEL through sponsorships and donations for scholarships, mentoring programs, and other member support activities.

International Committee focuses on leveraging the CWEEL organizational functions outside of the US by promoting and encouraging the success of women involved in energy and the environment in countries throughout the world. A major goal is to establish links and promote dialogue between interested members in the international chapters of AEE to ensure exposure to and participation in the range of CWEEL programs.

Marketing & Communications Committee focuses on marketing CWEEL programs and develops and maintains channels for two-way communications between CWEEL and its members and sponsors. This team works closely with the AEE staff to communicate to members via social networking and other channels.

Mentor Program Committee strives to assist the development of women in the energy and environmental field. The Committee focuses on providing valuable opportunities for mutual learning with respect to managerial styles, organizational success factors, and leadership approaches. Those who would like to find a mentor to help them expand their professional development and those who wish to share their experiences to support women in our industry are invited to participate in the CWEEL Mentoring Program. Click here for mentor and mentee applications.

Networking & Membership Committee is focused on increasing membership of women in CWEEL, AEE, and the Energy and Environmental Industry through events and programs that facilitate outreach, such as presentations at events, conferences, and meetings; mailings to select audiences; and press releases and general interest articles in newsletters and local papers. Click here to view a sample newsletter.

Newsletter Committee is focused on providing content and direction for the CWEEL newsletter, published three times each year, as part of its overall communication and networking strategy. Articles from women in the industry are invited and advertising opportunities in the newsletter are available.

Programs/Events & Sponsorship Committee develops the program content for the CWEEL meetings held in conjunction with AEE conferences. The Committee also organizes networking events to build awareness and support for CWEEL and works with other committees to seek sponsorships for these events.

View list of current CWEEL Committee Chairs


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  1. Really a great hub for women to sharing their knowledge.

    February 20, 2015
  2. I am interested in the Energy Policy committee, am owner of a solar solutions company responsible for design, development, installation, maintenance and warranty of solar systems for residential and small commercial projects in Washington DC Metro area. Our office is located in the GMU Business Enterprise Center in Leesburg, VA movie business# 703 774 5208

    January 28, 2016
  3. February 26, 2019
  4. Please consider joining one of our committees to achieve CWEEl’s mission. We need your talents and energy to make an impact!

    April 23, 2020

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