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Mentor Program

The Mentoring Committee has been created for CWEEL members to work together to support one another. Our CWEEL members have an extraordinary wealth of experience, and they understand that sharing to benefit our colleagues enriches each of us.

“We are all influenced by our life experiences.  Supportive families, inspiring teachers and heroes, and mentors – each have an impact on the direction of our lives. While families and teachers and heroes help us to form our dreams, a mentor helps us to make them a reality.“ Laurie Wiegand Jackson, President of North America Power Partners and Co-Founder of CWEEL

If you would like to find a mentor to help you expand your professional development quickly with the benefit of their experience on your side, or you need a sounding board to kick around some concerns, you are invited to participate in the CWEEL Mentoring Program.

Should you wish to share your experience in order to support women in our industry, we invite you to consider serving as a mentor.

In either case, please contact for more information. We look forward to connecting you!

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