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Mentor Success Stories

“My mentoring experiences has been absolutely great. I was unemployed and frankly very down on myself when I had my first phone call with her, and hearing her say, “I have been there. I know how you feel.  You will get through this” was exactly what I needed to hear, and my mom telling me that just didn’t have the same effect as hearing it from her. In my down time, I was looking for ways to get involved in the community and sustainable energy and she gave me some great suggestions that landed me a spot on the team working to develop the City of Bethlehem’s climate action plan, which I wouldn’t have even known about unless she mentioned it and helped me research it! I am more than thrilled to be active in the community in this way, and also recently found a job at a local engineering firm doing exactly what I wanted. I have yet to tell her, but plan to share the good news in two weeks when we have our scheduled phone call. She recently took the LEED Green Associates exam, which is something that I hope to take in the near future, since my new position will be doing LEED consulting in addition to energy management and project management, so I look forward to her help coaching me in those areas as well. I could not be more thankful for having come across this mentorship program– for me, it was really a game changer.”
– Elisabeth Cichonski –

“I have been having monthly tag-ups with my mentor for several months now. I have learned a lot and have been inspired by other women in our industry.”
– Devan Tracy –

“The Mentoring program was really good, we had the opportunity to talk a couple of times and was really an open eye experience.”
– Myrna Pacheco –

“My mentor was in Nigeria and very cool to talk to. We messaged a few times over Skype and she had great suggestions for where to look for recurring internships to find a heading/starting point in energy engineering. I am actually in Vermont doing one this summer! I like that CWEEL has people/mentors all over the globe–I don’t think I would have known about WRI’s postings had I been limited to talking to and learning from energy engineers who work heavily within the traditional US firms.
– Feibi Yuan –